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My name is Gaia Tossing.  I am a Registered Certified Reflexologist, a Licensed Massage Therapist, owner/instructor of Nashville Academy of Reflexology, and a singer/performer. I am writing to share my colonic story. I came to Lee Meehan, colon hygienist, with a lifetime of chronic constipation issues that began in early childhood.  As an adult I had managed to improve my situation somewhat with diet, but many symptoms still lingered. At the time I visited Lee Meehan’s office, I was suffering from unsightly and painful skin conditions as well as joint inflammation.  After consulting with Ms. Meehan, I decided to try thoroughly cleansing myself from the inside out.  After the very first colonic, my ease of movement began to return and I felt much lighter. My skin conditions took a longer time to change, but I came to understand that it would take 15 colonics to eliminate a year’s worth of toxins and waste, and I had a lifetime to reverse. The skin is the last organ of elimination and the body uses it when the colon is not fully functional or clogged. I took my first 15 round of colonics with Ms. Meehan. I then had her help me set up my own simple personal system in my home.  She continued to monitor my progress as I proceeded to give myself 5 colonics per week with only one week break for a full year.  This may sound extreme to some people, but my experience was wonderful. I rose each morning and virtually viewed my colonic time as my spiritual practice.  I released emotional blocks while I was physically releasing waste and felt renewed and at peace.  Of course, I was careful to replenish my good bacteria and electrolytes after each colonic.  So what happened?  My skin steadily improved. On my off days, my colon functioned normally and now I am very regular. I feel that this was a very natural process.  It was definitely what my body and my soul needed.  I am very happy that now I can beneficially cleanse in my own home anytime as a maintenance program.  If I feel any symptoms of ill health coming on, I know I can use an internal cleanse with a colonic to facilitate my body’s ability to fight it off and restore me to balance. I am very grateful to Debora Lee Meehan,the Colonic Lady, for the good information and experience I have had due to her expertise. I expose all of my reflexology students to her knowledge and wisdom.

During my late teens, I was prescribed high-dose oral contraceptives to regulate my menstrual cycle. I took those contraceptives for approximately 15 years. During that time period, I didn’t get any relief. In fact, my situation worsened and I began experiencing a host of other problems which my doctor tried to correct through the use of long-term antibiotic treatments.
Against my doctor’s orders, I stop taking the antibiotics and began seeking answers outside of the mainstream medical establishment. I eventually found an “alternative” doctor who took my concerns seriously. I began taking supplements and made some dietary changes; however, I still continued to feel sickly. The alternative doctor eventually suggested I see a colon hygienist. After a lot of prayer and internet searches, I found Lee Meehan.
I initially purchased 2 colonic sessions and brought all my supplements/cleansers for Lee’s review. I was SHOCKED when Lee complimented the products and didn’t try to sale me anything. In fact, she encouraged me to stick to what I was doing. This was a new experience for me because I’ve never been to anyone in the mainstream or alternative practice who didn’t try to push their products on me.
I have now completed a 15-series and I’m halfway through my second 15-series. I am amazed at how good I feel both physically and mentally. I have so much more energy and I’m actually sleeping through the night. In addition to administering my colonics, Lee has guided me through 2 liver/gall bladder flushes (again, she didn’t try to sell me any products and the results were amazing). For the first time in a very long time, I feel empowered and in control of my health. I’m planning to take my health to the next level by purchasing my own unit.
I very grateful that God heard my prayers and led me to Lee!
Marsha C.


16338_516662723070_146901125_30689598_1959725_nDebora Lee Meehan is Nashville’s hidden health gem. I first came to Lee two years ago in a panic over my Irritable Bowel Syndrome, having spent thousands on medical treatments to no avail. To top it off, I was battling severe depression.
The first time I heard Lee’s voice on the phone, I felt a glimmer of hope. She was compassionate, yet no-nonsense. She sounded perfectly confident that she could help. Sure enough, after my first colonic, my symptoms began to diminish. Now, two years and roughly seventy-five colonics later, I am a different human being; the depression, constipation and bloating are gone, along with about ten pounds that I was never able to lose by exercising. I continue to see Lee once a month for maintenance and often rely on her extensive knowledge whenever I have a question about my health.

-Rachel, age 27

BG Shirt seriousDr. William D. Greenman

Dr. Bill Greenman is businessman and an ordained minister and holds a Bachelors degree in speech communications, a Masters degree in Pastoral Ministry, an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity, and a Ph.D. in Practical Theology. He is the Chairman of the Board of a CBO in Kenya, Africa which works with the government, educational, business, and religious sectors of that nation.
Bill has traveled internationally for over 25 years as a conference speaker and teacher. Bill has also been a pastor, counselor, and business administrator. He has built international sales teams of over 35,000 and was a professional trapeze artist and acrobat, and owned his own circus for 12 years.
Bill has authored 4 books and multiple training materials on helping people find and fulfill their personal destinies. He is the president of multiple corporations, which oversee his various business ventures

My Colonics Story
Dr. Bill Greenman

I’ve been involved with the nutrition/health/fitness world for 40 years. I was fit looking, about 5% body fat and had been an athlete all my life. But the age of 53 I removed some cancer from my body, with natural means. This disease made no sense due to my lifestyle of health. I began to research and concluded that it was due in large part to a couple of decades of constipation which created a foundation of toxins in my colon. I then sought help with colonics.
While I’d had colonics about 10 years earlier – they were not that effective long term. A friend of mine told me about Lee Meehan and a different protocol than the once/week regime I had used before. I was skeptical, but open. Her explanation made great sense to me and I embarked on the first series of 15 colonics over 21 days – 5 straight days, 2 days off. The results, while disturbing in one sense, were encouraging in another.
I was disturbed at how clogged I was – not being able to get the water to the far side of my colon. I was encouraged by the method, and the amount of waste I was getting rid of. I concluded that per Lee’s advice the only viable option was to put a colonic unit in my home and go for it until I was cleaned out. I figured this would save me roughly $50,000 in colonics to Lee and she was happy to let me keep that if I was going to be diligent.
It took me about 50 colonics before I got the water to go all the way to the far side of my colon. At 60 colonics the bulge I had just under my sternum from impacted fecal matter disappeared for the first time in at least 25 years and I could see my abdominal muscles there again. My breathing and my digestion also improved at this point with that pressure relieved.
I had a trip to Africa planned for about 50 days from the time I began my home regime and wanted to be as cleaned out as possible by then. I decided on my own to take 2 colonics a day until I left for the trip. A few days before I left I had reached the 150 mark. I felt great – though my energy levels were low for obvious reasons. I would not recommend this regime to anyone, however, its just my nature to do as much as possible in the least amount of time.
Lee had told me that for every 15 colonics we were removing a year of build up. I wanted to get rid of 50 years worth – whether it was there or not. So I set a mark for 750 colonics and went for it. I was averaging 5 per week for a couple of years and finally made my goal. I was also taking Cape Aloe capsules through out this time to keep things moving. If I didn’t it could take 4-5 days before I had a bowel movement. I didn’t like the aloes as there were harsh if I took too many and it was difficult to regulate the proper dose. However they were a great measuring stick for how my bowels were doing. When I started the colonics I was using about 20 caps a day. When I finally stopped using them and switched to another type natural help I was down to just 4 a day. (I now use PoopDoc formula ( and find it better for regulating bowels movements and with no harshness.)
I’m convinced that Lee and her protocol and helping me put a colonic room in my house has given me many more years of life I would not have had. I’m still taking regular colonics and will the rest of my life – 2-4 per month. The colon is the second brain and the seat of the majority of our immune system. I plan to keep both working at peak levels.



Self care, my story!

One thing that has become clear to me is that everyone needs to improve the way they take care of themselves and that includes me! I took responsibility about 9 months ago when I started seeing Debora Lee Meehan, the nearest Colon Hygienist to me. Two months later after receiving several series of colonics and teaching sessions, I installed a home unit. With continuous guidance and support from Lee, with consistency, patience, effort and understanding these colonics have led and continue to lead me into a purification and glorious God given road to health everyday.
Cleansing my bowel has led to clarity that transcends all areas of my life! Bright clear skin and eyes are an almost immediate bonus. I had lunch with a friend recently and her eyes were so yellow and very bloodshot. This simply just doesn’t have to be. Another friend told me that I look younger than 2 years ago when he saw me, and I do! I believe my cataracts are even clearing up!
Thanks Lee I didn’t know 55 could feel so good, looking forward to my 60s!

Denise Stepp

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to use Colon Hygiene as a preventative form of health care since my teenage years! My first fifteen series of colonics was when I was 17. During that time I had more than 20 warts on my feet, hands, and elbows. After my first fifteen
November 2013 062series the warts were gone. Throughout my college years I had many colonics during which my lungs released nicotine and some tape worms. When I made a decision to lose weight colonics supported balance in my body as I changed my health habits.
It had always been a struggle to regulate my hormones so when my husband and I were preparing to have a baby I wanted to make sure my body was ready for the task. I continued to do colonics and was able to balance out my hormones and my cycle regulated. After our first child, I had more colonics and cleared out the leftover drugs (epidural and pain meds) and reset my hormones.
Up to this point I have had 185 colonics. I will continue to use them to stay healthy as I am definitely more in tune with my body when I have them regularly. I can tell a difference in my energy level and as a side effect I am motivated to continue other healthy habits.

-Lauren, 33 yr, kindergarten teacher


IMG_1786My name is Denise Wolf, I’m 55 years old and in overall good health. I’ve been married for 33 years and have 2 wonderful grown children. I have a B.S. in Nutrition and believe my education has taught me that the body is resilient and wants to heal itself. My age has taught me that you have to keep working for good health.
One year ago I felt ill, my gut hurt and I had been suffering greatly from allergies. I had been praying for how to handle my health and had sought help from many traditional sources. My medical community had put me on drugs and tests but all to no avail. It seemed like everything had a contraindication or hurt my digestive system.
It was a pretty low point for me in my health. I awoke one morning with a fresh thought, one I attributed to God speaking to me through prayer. The thought I was, pondering was that I needed to find a colonics person. This was not a random thought because years earlier I had much success in another state with a Helen Woods trained Colonics Professional. My first thought was great idea but not very likely in my town. Much to my surprise that day I found Debora Lee Meehan.
It was such a surprise to me and blessing that Debora was right in my town and had years of experience and training from Helen Woods. I called her immediately.
Today I have had over 150 colonics and never felt better.
My fall allergies are non-existent. The allergies normally have taken me “out” for over a month every year. One year I actually spent most of October in bed from headaches. Not one headache, no symptoms, amazing. My blood pressure was high last year; my sugar count was on the high side of normal. All of these conditions have lessened. The only difference has been colonics and the consistent training and encouragement of Debora Lee. I have done what she suggests and I am healthier.
I believe that colonics has been a major factor in increasing my health. But, Debora Lee is THE only professional I would recommend. Her tenure, vast experience, sensitive spirit and knowledge are unsurpassed. Thank you Lee for helping me and teaching me the way to health.

-Denise Wolf

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