About Debora

Debora Lee Meehan has been a pioneer in the field of Colon Hygiene for the past 30 years. After saving her own life with the great help of this modality, she has assisted others in understanding the biochemical, structural, and emotional implications of the healing process.

In 1992 Debora became certified by Helen M. Wood, at the Wood Hygienic Institute, Kissimmee, Florida. Debora resides in Nashville, Tennessee where she has established an exclusive private practice. Her other areas of expertise include:
  • Cranial Sacrial Therapy
  • Reiki Yoga
  • Intuitive Counseling


Divorced and single mother with 2 year old at age19. Secretary to the VP of First Federal S&L/ College Loans/ Mortgages/ Monthly Board Report. Pottstown, Penna.
 Student with Barbizon Modeling School/ Modeled/ Photography/ King of Prussia, Penna.
 Small Business Owners/Full time Ministry Program/Remarried with 2 children
 Hair Stylist/ Make-up Artist/ Nail- tech. Nashville, Tennessee.
 2nd Marriage divorced after 11 years married. Nashville,Tn.
 Studied with Helen Wood Institute of Colon Hygiene/ Struggling with Environmental Illness, I saved my life by restoring my body to health by cleaning all the garbage out of my bowel and cells.
 Author of 2 books, THE HOLY MOVEMENT: Matters of the Colon, and THE HOLY MOVEMENT: #2/ Providing Scientific Data from "hands on experience" from my office for 10 years! Wonderful restorative testimonials from clients. Private Practice teaching others how to care for themselves by practicing Hygienic Practices from Ancient times. Serving the Nashville Area for 30 years. Other resources well trained in as well as "self care" practiced throughout lifetime:

Other resources well trained in as well as "self care" practiced throughout lifetime:
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • HW Institute/ Colonics
  • Bio-energy Machine/Neurological
  • Emotional Technique/ Dr. David Miller
  • "The Estuary School", Hillsboro Village/Auric Energy Work/Mental Body Work.
  • Message/Rolfing/Neuromuscular
  • Therapy Body Alignment
  • Technique Yoga
  • Weightlifting
  • Runner
  • Biking

Mission Statement

My mission is to teach others that it's our God-given right, privilege and responsibility to exercise the principle of Stewardship of the Temple, which is your mind, body, and soul life. God has devised at conception by innate ability for you to understand how to appropriately use the resources in nature to restore health to your mind, body, and soul. Whenever trauma has befallen mind, body or soul, you have been given access to total restoration, in order that you may enjoy a full, rich, and abundant life.
We at the Holy Movement believe in a lifestyle of Colon Hygiene. A series of 15 Colonics for every year you have lived is encouraged. We are now offering a consultation service to set up a unit in your home complete with instructions on how to take care of your loved ones.
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