Colonic Info

The digestive tract from the mouth to anus is legally an external organ! It needs to be cleaned like the mouth, gums and teeth, nose, ears, and eyes! This is the hygienic sector of healthcare, it's personally up to the owner of the body to preform these tasks rountinely, daily!....... so the question is how many times have you brushed your teeth, but not your bowel? 244064_206925692679757_1960969_o
Historically bowel cleansing was practiced daily through out the week in addition to the rountine bowel movements on the toilet or public latreen! Study the ancient hygienic practices from the oldest text on earth The Biogenic Society, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and many more, you may have to research the old fashion way and not on the internet that it appears history begins when it began! Do your own research.

We are into 3 generations of cleansing, medical doctors have cleaned their bowels according to the systematic colonicing protocal, which means daily colonics, with very thankful and surprising results. Have to do the work in order to see the results!  Witnessed thousands of people shift beautifully into new bodies that all the external procedures don't even compare in beauty and stability of health.

Authentically and gracefully organically become the real you, that's been hiding under all that poison!! Learn about how you need very little supplements and a small amount of food when the body's digestive tract works the way it was intended to work, without any inhibited blocks, like parasites, yeast, solvents and large volumes of waste! Simplicity is key...... CLEANSE THEN REBUILD, the order is important, so you don't feed all those good nutritional supplements to those large worms, which allows them to stay happy in their home.
Ecology 101!!!
Denial is devastating!!!
Managed ill healthcare is even more devastating!!!!!!
Quaility of life is YOUR CHOICE!