The Holy Movement - Book 1

The Holy Movement Matters of the Colon

In The Holy Movement Matters of the Colon Debora Meehan shares with her readers her own personal battles to attain good health by cleansing the body of parasites and bacterial type substances that diminish thousands of peoples health every year. Therefore, affecting their quality of life and time they have to live it. Debora brilliantly tackles an unmentionable subject with delightful humor.

Debora Meehan provides the reader with easy to read tables, and charts so that they begin their own colonic cleansing regiment and begin living a healthier existence.
You will find this 95-page book amusing,informative, and easy to read. This book is a must for anyone seeking the benefits of healthier and happier lifestyle. Colonic cleansing is becoming a popular and accepted way to naturally cleanse the body and to cure yourself from disease or many ailments commonly suffered by mankind.

The simple reality is sometimes difficult for us to see and often seems to be quite a challenge for us. But the ultimate responsibility lies within us individually; it will always be that way in truth. Basically history always states it to be that way. I

Corinthians 3:16-18 states:
Know Ye Not That Ye Are The Temple Of God
And That The Spirit Of God Dwelleth In You?
If Any Man Defile The Temple Of God, Him Shall God Destroy;
For The Temple Of God Is Holy, Which Temple Ye Are.

So maybe you can’t pray to God for certain aspects of our health, because he designed that we solely have that responsibility. In the physical plane it is spiritual to keep your body clean internally and externally. Maybe as a culture, we’ve forgotten those simple aspects of health, life, and spirituality. There appears to be a sowing and reaping slant to this when God says, “If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy…” So I guess asking God to heal you because you ate two pies in two days and now you’re sick would be out of the question. So at what point does ignorant bliss suffice for innocence? Of course, we can stay ignorant or choose to become enlightened.

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