The Holy Movement - Book 2

The Holy Movement #2: Matters of the Colon Regeneration!

Debora Lee Meehan’s second book is now available. This continuing saga of my life search for all truth has led me to the quality of life that our Heavenly Father has sanctioned for all. My prayer is that it will be a great inspiration to all who reads it.

Through each trial and tribulation we encounter, our Father will provide us with the opportunity to choose the best solution for us, so that we may move closer to the center of his will, which is truth.
It is very important for us to understand that the body all works together in beautiful harmony. To detox the organs and systems with various cleansing products and procedures and to “not’ carry that collected debris completely out of the body with colon irrigation, is truly a disservice to the human body.

It is a fact that the body cannot eliminate throughout the skin the amount of old hardened feces and poison that can only come out throughout the largest elimination organ. God ordained from the beginning colon irrigation. Techniques such as bathing, saunas, cleaning, exercising, etc. may be helpful detoxifying gestures, but do not compare with the 5,7,10, or so pounds of waste that will come through the tube and out of the body with a colonic.

Do not think that the body will not benefit quickly from the release. These days we need to and we can move fast! We have progressively moved quickly into heavy pollution, so we need to move quickly out of pollution.

We can safely do this with colon irrigation. When God states in his scriptures, the Dead Sea Scrolls, that you may clean your bowel until the “water runs clear”. This truth will apply throughout all ages. It is timeless. Just think 6,000 years ago how clean the earth was. The civilizations were so very healthy in comparison. The human body must have been so clean compared to now.

The amount of time in which the “water would run clear” probably was minimal compared to what it would take these days. It may take many years of bowel cleansing before the “water will run clear”. No matter the length of time that it takes, as long as your objective is to get your bowels to a pure and clean place. Then you have aligned your actions with God’s truth. You will know when you are there, it will be obvious.

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