I had been suffering greatly from allergies

My name is Denise Wolf, I’m 55 years old and in overall good health. I’ve been married for 33 years and have 2 wonderful grown children. I have a B.S. in Nutrition and believe my education has taught me that the body is resilient and wants to heal itself. My age has taught me that you have to keep working for good health.

One year ago I felt ill, my gut hurt and I had been suffering greatly from allergies. I had been praying for how to handle my health and had sought help from many traditional sources. My medical community had put me on drugs and tests but all to no avail. It seemed like everything had a contraindication or hurt my digestive system.

It was a pretty low point for me in my health. I awoke one morning with a fresh thought, one I attributed to God speaking to me through prayer. The thought I was, pondering was that I needed to find a colonics person. This was not a random thought because years earlier I had much success in another state with a Helen Woods trained Colonics Professional. My first thought was great idea but not very likely in my town. Much to my surprise that day I found Debora Lee Meehan.

It was such a surprise to me and blessing that Debora was right in my town and had years of experience and training from Helen Woods. I called her immediately. Today I have had over 150 colonics and never felt better.

My fall allergies are non-existent. The allergies normally have taken me “out” for over a month every year. One year I actually spent most of October in bed from headaches. Not one headache, no symptoms, amazing. My blood pressure was high last year; my sugar count was on the high side of normal. All of these conditions have lessened. The only difference has been colonics and the consistent training and encouragement of Debora Lee. I have done what she suggests and I am healthier.

I believe that colonics has been a major factor in increasing my health. But, Debora Lee is THE only professional I would recommend. Her tenure, vast experience, sensitive spirit and knowledge are unsurpassed. Thank you Lee for helping me and teaching me the way to health.