I viewed my colonic time as my spiritual practice

My name is Gaia Tossing. I am a Registered Certified Reflexologist, a Licensed Massage Therapist, owner/instructor of Nashville Academy of Reflexology, and a singer/performer. I am writing to share my colonic story.

I came to Lee Meehan, colon hygienist, with a lifetime of chronic constipation issues that began in early childhood. As an adult I had managed to improve my situation somewhat with diet, but many symptoms still lingered. At the time I visited Lee Meehan’s office, I was suffering from unsightly and painful skin conditions as well as joint inflammation. After consulting with Ms. Meehan, I decided to try thoroughly cleansing myself from the inside out. After the very first colonic, my ease of movement began to return and I felt much lighter.

My skin conditions took a longer time to change, but I came to understand that it would take 15 colonics to eliminate a year’s worth of toxins and waste, and I had a lifetime to reverse. The skin is the last organ of elimination and the body uses it when the colon is not fully functional or clogged. I took my first 15 round of colonics with Ms. Meehan. I then had her help me set up my own simple personal system in my home. She continued to monitor my progress as I proceeded to give myself 5 colonics per week with only one week break for a full year.

This may sound extreme to some people, but my experience was wonderful. I rose each morning and virtually viewed my colonic time as my spiritual practice. I released emotional blocks while I was physically releasing waste and felt renewed and at peace. Of course, I was careful to replenish my good bacteria and electrolytes after each colonic. So what happened? My skin steadily improved. On my off days, my colon functioned normally and now I am very regular. I feel that this was a very natural process. It was definitely what my body and my soul needed. I am very happy that now I can beneficially cleanse in my own home anytime as a maintenance program. If I feel any symptoms of ill health coming on, I know I can use an internal cleanse with a colonic to facilitate my body’s ability to fight it off and restore me to balance.

I am very grateful to Debora Lee Meehan,the Colonic Lady, for the good information and experience I have had due to her expertise. I expose all of my reflexology students to her knowledge and wisdom.