Self care, my story!

One thing that has become clear to me is that everyone needs to improve the way they take care of themselves and that includes me! I took responsibility about 9 months ago when I started seeing Debora Lee Meehan, the nearest Colon Hygienist to me. Two months later after receiving several series of colonics and teaching sessions, I installed a home unit.

With continuous guidance and support from Lee, with consistency, patience, effort and understanding these colonics have led and continue to lead me into a purification and glorious God given road to health everyday. Cleansing my bowel has led to clarity that transcends all areas of my life! Bright clear skin and eyes are an almost immediate bonus. I had lunch with a friend recently and her eyes were so yellow and very bloodshot. This simply just doesn’t have to be.

Another friend told me that I look younger than 2 years ago when he saw me, and I do! I believe my cataracts are even clearing up! Thanks Lee I didn’t know 55 could feel so good, looking forward to my 60s!

Denise Stepp